Hoist Men of Leather and Fetish


Hoist is the newest Leather Club in the Memphis, TN area.  The purpose of the club is to establish an organization focused on furthering the ideals of brotherhood and friendship, and to promote social and charitable functions among adult men interested in BDSM, leather and related fetishes.  Hoist is active in gaining new membership to build up the Memphis leather community. 

Hoist and its members have been active in our community. Some charities that have benefited are Toys for Tots, PRIDE, Special Olympics, the Tennessee Equality Project, and Domestic abuse.  The club is ever vigilant in doing what we can to help our community. 

Hoist hosts a Club night at an area bar, the Pumping Station, on the third Saturday of every month.  Come join us and meet a group of men that are proud to belong to Memphis and to Hoist!


Sir Mark Keidaish

President of Hoist


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